About Us

Dear viewer,

Art is a natural tool of wellbeing and self-expression.

Art From Within is an open invitation to find and connect with your own creative calling…

This collection was created by artist Esra Kizir Gokcen over the course of a year during Covid19 Lock-down. Based on her learnings about mindfulness, self-reflection, and walks in Nature.

The artist migrated to London in 2016 and keeps on her painting and printmaking practice in her studio In Make Space Studios, Waterloo. She has held six solo exhibitions in Istanbul, Ankara, Amsterdam, and London. Attended almost 100 group exhibitions internationally. Her works have also been exhibited in print biennials.

Her art focuses on the bonds between social life and nature. Spontaneity is her way of emphasising the randomness of life, Esra’s latest works are mostly related to migration, globalization, and spirituality.